We advise calling us on the day to book your appointment slot or booking in advance for a time that will suit you best. Please note that our peak times can be 4pm onwards, we highly recommend booking for these particular time slots. 




We offer a lie down sunbed and a stand up sunbed. Both are fast tanning sunbeds and are exactly the same in strength and bulbs used. Both sunbeds get re-tubed and serviced on a regular basis to ensure we are offering the best services to our clients. In the sunbed rooms you have free access to a range of products including eye protection, flannels, refreshing wipes, deodorant / body sprays and hygiene hand gel.

Each sunbed is kept hygienic by cleaning the bed down between clients (for the lie down sunbed), or changing the standing matt (for the stand up sun shower).

At Pure Emporium we take client safety very seriously. We have compulsory consultation forms to fill out before purchasing any minutes with us to ensure that you are eligible and safe to use the sunbed. This is all in your personal interest. You then will be expected to sign the form again, each time you come with us which agrees to nothing changing in your medical circumstances. This enables us to be sure you are safe to use the sunbed each time you come in. Should your medical circumstances change, it is your responsibility to let us know and we will advise you further. We reserve the right to decline you access to using the sunbeds if we deem it necessary on medical grounds. 


We will only allow our clients usage of the sunbeds for the recommended time chosen together with you and the salon staff member. Again, this is to ensure we are complying with regulations at all times about what is best for you. The salon staff member holds the final decision about how many minutes they deem as safe for you to use for that particular session.  

The consultation forms describe and explain this in more detail.

We run our sunbeds via an appointment diary. This is to ensure that people get the time slot that suits them and prevents lengthy waiting times (as we are just out of town a lot of our clients either know when they are passing or are making a specific journey to us). We do always welcome walk-ins too but if there are any bookings for around that particular time then the booking will always take priority.