The question that sooooo many people ask! 

The amount of horror stories that are told online nowadays and the scepticism behind gel nails is huge. 

From a professional manicurist, we can officially tell you that the answer to the following question (do gel nails wreck your nails) is a big, fat, NO!

*We are talking relative to OPI GELCOLOR – OPI being the beauty industry’s leading nail brand and gel is the treatment you have on your NATURAL nails – where the gel gets painted on top of your nails and then set under an LED light meaning they will last for 2-3 weeks wear. Amazing shine, zero drying time, all-round no brainer…. And this is what we offer at Pure Emporium. *  

Having Gel on your nails will not damage your nails… AS LONG AS THEY ARE REMOVED CORRECTLY. If they are removed incorrectly / not following the manufacturer’s guidelines or if brands are mixed during the removal process – this can be a reason for nail damage during the removal process.

Do your research, find out exactly how the gels get taken off before having a gel manicure anywhere and ensure they do not scrape the nails vigorously with a tool, or worse still, an electrical tool. 

At Pure Emporium we wrap the fingers / toes in a light remover solution and your hands then go into the heated mitts to soak for 10 minutes. (Psssst, having your hands / feet in the heated mitts is super RELAXING, you’ll wish you had some at home!) During this time the remover will start breaking down the gels in a way that won’t be damaging your nails. 

When your hands / feet are taken out of the mitts, and the nail wraps are removed, the gels will come off with hardly any pressure at all – and this ensures that the health of your nails are upheld. 

Other ways that damage can occur on the nails is by picking the gels off at home… never ever recommended as this will peel off layers of your healthy nail! Leaving a weak and thinner nail underneath, probably looking rough and ragged and only time will heal this. Another way that your nails may get damaged after having gels on is leaving the gels on for too long after your treatment – OPI (as a brand) only recommend leaving them on your nails for 2-3 weeks. After this period we would ideally want to remove them for you and make sure you leave the salon feeling and looking healthy and proud of your nails!   

We would always highly recommend coming back into the salon for a thorough gel nail removal when you are ready to have them off, rather than picking them off or doing anything ghastly at home. Please remember, we are specifically trained in these methods to ensure it is done the right way for you and to not incur damage, as well as using the correct products – plus, it’s more of an excuse for pampering… who needs an excuse anyway! It’s a totally relaxing treatment having your gels removed knowing that you are going to be leaving the salon with lovely tidy nails that you can be proud of.

So, next time you are thinking of having your gels done, please consider the aftercare for the treatment as we always have the health of YOUR nails in mind.
Look forward to seeing you soon at Pure Emporium!