Why should you invest in quality skincare? And I'm not talking about the products that you pick up on the high street! 

Your skin represents you, yes YOU, and ONLY YOU - for the rest of your life.

Investing in your skin is an absolute no-brainer. 

We are all quick to nip to the shops and buy a new outfit for an evening out, or have a browse online and order a new pair of shoes for a special occasion... but let's not forget the most important part of your outfit... YOUR SKIN. 

Your skin is 90% of your selfie, and without feeling happy and confident with your skin your pictures will probably disappoint you. 

So, let's start at the beginning. Have you ever bought a cream off the shelves in town because it promises this, promises that and smells lovely? Or it's new and on offer so may as well try it? 

You get it home, try it and it does NOTHING. You throw it in a drawer, it gets forgotten about until you have a clear out and then it makes it way into the bin? 

Are you guilty of this? YEP, ME TOO. 

If we all counted up the amount of times I've bought something thinking it will be the best thing since sliced bread and then it isn't I'd be pretty frustrated! 

Have you been using the same products for years but you are still finding you have problems with your skin? Whether this be aging, oiliness, dryness or other niggles? I hate to rain on your parade but they aren't right for you! 

This is the exact reason why I am so passionate about ensuring Pure Emporium only offers skincare that ACTUALLY MAKES A DIFFERENCE. And this is why for the last 16 months I eat, sleep and breath ENVIRON. (Not literally of course.) 

Finally, products that really work. 

No fancy smells, no waste on colorful packaging, just medical grade skincare that genuinely works. 


I hear time and time again from clients: "ohhhhh nothing will help me now" or "I'm getting on and accepted it's all part off the ageing process" .... now I don't want to sound blunt but this is absolute nonsense. 

OR the other side of it... "I'm not worried about ageing yet I'm only 27!" Did you know that majority of skin damage relating to how well you will age all happens in your 20's?! 

No matter how old or young you are, Vitamin A will help you. Vitamin A is the cornerstone ingredient within the Environ product range. 

Vitamin A is ANTI-AGING, it will naturally exfoliate the skin, brightens and evens out skin tone, locks in moisture, gives the skin a smooth appearance and balances oily or dry skin. 

Another no-brainer as to why you should include Vitamin A into your skincare regime at home. 

A lot of people are turning to injectables to correct the aging process and smooth out lines and wrinkles on the face. Did you know that if you are using the correct anti-aging products along side this at home it will elongate the results of your botox?! 

Make the correct changes to your skin and you will love it, all day, everyday. 

We offer free skin consultations at Pure Emporium, so feel free to book in and chat with one of our highly trained therapists to start your skincare journey the right way. Investing without wasting. 

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